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San Jose Express Player-Parent-Team Contract (Revised 8/19/2017)


Learning water polo, or any sport, is more than just learning a specific set of skills and tactics.

An athlete learns:

  • how to learn the value of focused practice

  • how to win and lose and figure out what can be taken from both.

  • teamwork, how to be a teammate, and what it means to be part of something bigger than the individual.

Later in life the athlete will apply these lessons to their relationships, work, and their place in the world.

San Jose Express Aquatics is committed to developing every player and every team to the best of their ability. We take a long-term and holistic view of player development. Players and teams progress at uneven rates.


At San Jose Express Aquatics, we have high standards of behavior. We expect that players will listen to coaches and work hard to execute drills to the best of their ability.

We don’t expect players to be perfect and perform on the first try, but to put forth their best effort. We expect them to respect their teammates and coaches and to be a positive influence in practice.  

We expect them to exhibit sportsmanship during practice and games as representatives of themselves, their families and the team.

We will work with the athletes and parents to help athletes reach their potential. However, in cases where the athlete causes consistent distractions, our discipline procedure is as follows:

  1. A warning

  2. A temporary time out from practice

  3. Removed from practice

  4. Suspension from the team for two weeks without a refund

  5. Removal from the team without a refund


An athlete makes many implicit commitments when he or she joins a team. Athletes need to attend scheduled practices and games and be punctual to both. This is a major way an athlete demonstrates his respect for his team.  Missing commitments without informing the coaches is possible grounds for dismissal.

Practice runs more smoothly if everyone is on time. Try to arrive at the pool at least 5 minutes early, so the athlete can change.

We understand that everyone wants to leave immediately after practice. However, we expect athletes to help pick up the deck and cover the pool as well. With proper teamwork, teammates can both change and be done with deck cleanup in less than 10 minutes.

We won't leave your child at the pool without an adult presence. Please respect the coaches' time. There is a $1/min late fee payable to the coach for every minute after 15 minutes from the end of practice. For example, if practice ends at 7:15, and you arrive at 7:40, please pay that coach $10. 

Players will improve the most with regular practice attendance. The more practice, the better. Games should typically be viewed as an opportunity to learn and figure out strengths and weaknesses. However, the club views the Junior Olympics as its major competitive showcase and less as a development opportunity. One can expect relatively even playing time in games through fall and winter. Playing time in games may become more uneven as the season progresses through spring. During the high-stakes games of the Junior Olympics, there is no guarantee of playing time during JO Quals or Champs.

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